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He Sent You Flowers? Decipher His Bouquet Here!

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Different Flowers and What it Means When He Sends Them

By Trisha Hardings of

There’s nothing more exciting to a woman than getting sent flowers at the office. She is the center of attention for that day; with all of her female co-workers being jealous and her male co-workers thinking she may now be off the market. Regardless of the occasion, or the purpose of the blooms, men send flowers to send a message to the recipient. But what does it mean if he sends you white roses instead of red? Or yellow gerbera daisies? Is there some kind of message to decode based on the type and color of flower he sends you?

In a word, yes. In Victorian times, flowers were given specific meanings based on legend and lore. In those days, it was common knowledge what flowers symbolized and what message a man was conveying to a woman when he sent them. As time marched on, the symbolism and messages behind certain flowers gradually became less-and-less common knowledge. In 2010 America, most people have no idea what certain blooms mean or why this is important.

Any man worth your time will have done his homework to pick out the perfect bouquet to send you the message he wants to convey. When deciphering the “flower code,” it is important to look at three things: color, type of flower, and delivery method.


Choosing the proper color of flower is essential when one wishes to convey a certain message to the recipient. While there are literally hundreds of color variations in flowers, there are seven colors that have very specific meaning in our culture:

  • White flowers symbolize innocence, purity, and perpetuity. They are often used at both weddings and funerals, but also can be given to someone indicating a pureness of motive or intention.
  • Red flowers symbolize desire, passion, love, and strength. They can also have the connotation of being sexy and mysterious.
  • Pink flowers, while also symbolizing love, do so in a less passionate connotation than red flowers do. They can also signify fun and happiness, and are appropriate to send to a loved one, or a friend with no romantic motive attached to it.
  • Yellow flowers symbolize friendship, cheer, and joy. If he sent you yellow flowers, this may indicate he is not interested in moving beyond the “friend zone.”
  • Orange flowers express energy, happiness, and excitement. They are commonly sent to celebrate a birth or to express jubilation regarding a certain event.
  • Purple flowers represent dignity, honor, royalty, and respect. They can also symbolize friendship in certain circumstances.
  • Black flowers are never good. If you have received a bouquet of black flowers, don’t plan on hearing from the sender again.


There are certain types of flowers that have very specific meanings when sent. According to, there are over 100 different species of flowers that have very specific meanings when they are sent to someone. Some of the most common are:

  • Red Roses to significant others indicates passionate love and sexual desire.
  • Carnations of all colors can signify love, fascination, and distinction.
  • Iris flowers symbolize faith, valor, and thanks.
  • Chrysanthemums symbolize optimism and joy.
  • Orchids represent virility, magnificence, splendor, and luxury.
  • Tulips are connected with forgiveness, cheer, and a carefree spirit.

However, not all types of flowers have positive connotations with their symbolism. For instance, Calendulas represent grief despair and sorrow, while Begonias symbolize darkness, witchcraft, and impending danger.

Flower Delivery Method

Flower delivery is a very black or white issue: Did he order the flowers from an 800 number that delivered them to you in a box, with some assembly required? Men often utilize local flower delivery service(s) that take extra special care to ensure that the flowers look great, enabling you to be the envy of all the other gals in the office.

National florists often use preservatives and unnatural dyes to preserve their blooms, which is tacky and unnatural. However, there are many trusted flower delivery specialists online that use natural flowers and allow you to view the flowers before they are delivered to the recipient.

Trisha Hardings who helps run and maintain, a website that specializes in fast flower delivery and also provides advice on what flowers will best fit your needs.

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2 Responses to “He Sent You Flowers? Decipher His Bouquet Here!”
  1. It’s a very useful article, though I don’t think that the majority of men do know that much about the choice of flowers.
    The usual flower of choice, by them would be red roses, maybe sometimes pink. Because it always works.
    But to know that carnations symbolize love or orchids, splendor…I doubt that.

    I have to admit, even I didn’t know that, beside I always thought that yellow flowers, are given at break-ups.

    Flowers are amazing, but I don’t think that a man buys them with the idea that, if he sends you iris flower, he means that he values you or tulips to cheer you up, men buy them because they want to make you feel wanted and desired. And that’s the most important part!

  2. fennyli says:

    I got a single red carnation on my desk( wrapped in green paper) with out name or card on VALNETINE day. it makes me puzzled. I guess it was from some male coworker.but I have no idea who is flower from or what he want to say.(I ‘m the only woman in this all-men except me work group, most of them married. except one I know is still dating)

    does this really mean something? or it is just somebody who wants make me feel good on valentien day.

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