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Will April shower you with good fortune, love and opportunity?  Or will it just rain on your parade?   One way to find out is to check in with the stars! Patrice Kamins, our gifted and insightful Div-Astrologer, gives you the scoop.  Here’s hoping that this month sets the stage for lots of future flowers… [...]


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Could it be? Will Spring finally well…SPRING! It is definitely time for a break after what has felt like the LONGEST. WINTER. EVER. The question of the moment, however, is will the stars support your quest for a new beginning along with Mother Nature? To get the answers check out this month’s Diva-Scopes by the [...]

Online Dating with an STD?

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Guest Post by Toni Sims   Online Dating with Herpes According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 776,000 Americans contract new herpes infections each year. If you have herpes, then online dating has found a niche for you- dating sites specifically for herpes-infected individuals. These online dating services, like Local Herpes Dating and [...]

Crushed by a Grade School Crush

February 13, 2014 by  
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By Jennifer-Lynn Jankesh Honestly, sometimes it’s those early experiences with love that sting the most! I still remember mine and how much it hurt!  I was in the fourth grade and had a crush on a boy in my class who also rode my bus everyday. On this particular Valentine’s Day in school I was [...]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas (Especially Good if You’re Trapped at Home Due to the Inclement Weather!)

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Romantic ideas you can do at home by Terrys Fabrics. Share this:


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Brrrr…last month was a whole lot of Polar Vortex to get through. But we made it and now it’s February which we can hope will at least be heartwarming, right (hello cupid)?!!  Find out what’s in store for you with your latest Diva-scope by the uncannily insightful Patrice Kamins. Because the reality is, your love [...]

Gracious Bridesmaids Get Involved

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How to be a gracious bridesmaid when you’re never the bride… By Gemma Collier It’s an experience that many single girls have to go through at some point in their life; donning the pretty dress and doing your friend the honor of being her bridesmaid. It’s a beautiful day and the bride looks amazing but [...]

Party Smarter with a Portable Breathalyzer

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One cosmo, two cosmos, three cosmos, four…hey, why didn’t I notice him before? He’s cute, right? Slow down Diva. Before you follow him home, is it real or is it the beer goggles? Time to take a step back with BACtrack – a portable smartphone breathalyzer that may well become a single gal’s new best [...]


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Three, two, one…Happy New Year!  Another 365 chances to find love (or have fun trying). What adventures will your 2014 hold? Well, you can start by seeing how your first month will pan out thanks to the expert astrological stylings of Dating Div-Astrologer Patrice Kamins! Because it’s time to hit the reset button for fabulous, [...]


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And just like that, it was December! Another year comes to a close with a sparkling holiday season paving the way as dreams for 2014 start to come into soft focus. In the midst of parties and good cheer, will it be a season of romance for you, or perhaps a time of reflection and [...]

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