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Are you Tie Curious?

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All the press about “50 Shades of Grey” lately has undoubtedly made a new group of people “tie curious.”

Still, the idea of actually trying sex toys or bondage can sometimes be a bit intimidating. On the one hand, you don’t want to get in over your head, and the idea of allowing someone to have more control over you physically can be a little bit uncomfortable. At the same time though, these ideas can be exciting, and there is a good chance that they could actively enhance your sex life if you decide to try them.

So, what does this renewed buzz about bondage mean for you? Well, read on because the experts at Adam & Eve have come up with some tips to help you become a bit more comfy with bondage.

1.  Do a little research on the topic so that you can have a more thorough and complete understanding of it. For example, visit  and look through the different toys and bedroom accessories – you may be surprised, once you actually look into it, how many of these toys actually seem fun, instead of intimidating. This can definitely help you and your partner to feel more comfortable with the idea of playing with sex toys, and can even help you to get excited for it.

2.  This may be a bit obvious to you, but take advantage of softer, lighter bondage tools. Instead of handcuffs or ropes, as some couples use, try using a nice smooth satin tie, or something similar, for the actual tying. This not only feels more comfortable physically, but can also help you to view the whole situation more lightly – it will likely become substantially less intimidating.

3.  Try easing into bondage play by only doing it partially the first few times. For example, if you ultimately want to have your hands and feet all tied up, try some bondage play with only your hands tied, or only your feet tied, and get used to the idea before you completely tie yourself down. This will give you both a learning experience and something to look forward to!

4.  If you are going to try bondage play but you’re still uncomfortable with the idea, make sure that your partner understands that. Surely if you are trying new things sexually you trust and understand your partner, and knowing that he understands your comfort level and is willing to stop if you want him to can help to put you at ease. This can be the most important step in becoming more comfortable with toys or bondage play in your relationship.

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