Sunday, February 1, 2015

Diva Diaries

It’s Time for a Panty Party!

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann So it has recently come to my attention that August 5th... 

Really Adam…a Text Message?

  By Kimberly Dawn Neumann The headline read “Adam Levine tells Nina Agdal about... 

The Last Kiss

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann Taylor Swift and I have something in common. We write about... 

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Diva Dailies

The Bouqs – Farm Fresh Flowers for Femmes!

Okay Divas, so we KNOW you love getting flowers (and maybe on occasion sending... 

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas (Especially Good if You’re Trapped at Home Due to the Inclement Weather!)

Romantic ideas you can do at home by Terrys Fabrics. Share this:  Read More →

Party Smarter with a Portable Breathalyzer

One cosmo, two cosmos, three cosmos, four…hey, why didn’t I notice him before?... 

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Diva Dish

Tarot to Find Mr. Right?

How Tarot Can Help You Find Your Ideal Partner by Gemma Collier It’s easy to get stuck in a routine when it comes to dating. Perhaps you visit the same bars, choose the same type of people, or simply don’t know how to get yourself out there into the dating world. You might never have considered enlisting the help of a spiritual reader before, but... [Read more of this review]

Date Like an Animal

Date Like an Animal By Harper West, MA, Clinical Psychologist After two failed marriages, including one that was abusive, I had to reassess how I picked men to date. Fortunately I had my dog, Reilly, to help me. Believe it or not, a dog actually taught me some simple, but powerful lessons that helped me have better relationships with others and also... [Read more of this review]

Nix Your First Date Nerves!

By Kimberly Dawn Neumann, Dating/Relationship Coach and Founder of There is just no way around it…first dates are nerve-wracking!  Even if you’re excited about the person and the date, you may be feeling unsettled because you want it to go well. On the flip side, anxiety might be in play if you find yourself worrying, “What... [Read more of this review]

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